1. Please make sure that you updated the Gogogate2 firmware and the App, not only the App. In case you updated the App and then the notifications are not working, please connect your phone to the same network as the Gogogate2 and then a message should appear asking you to update the Gogogate2.
  2. In case you updated the Gogogate2 firmware and now the Gogogate2 is not accessible through the App, please unplug and plug again the Gogogate2. If it did not work, please check the lights on the Gogogate2:
    • The Red LED light should be Steady,
    • The Green LED light should be blinking steadily.
    • The Blue LED light from the USB should be blinking as before.
  3. If any of this lights is not functioning correctly please contact support@gogogate.com
  4. If all the lights are working but you still can not access the Gogogate2 please delete the Gogogate2 from the Gogogate2 app and add the account again with the instructions here.
  5. Even if with that the Gogogate2 is not working then please reset the device by pressing the black button on top until it beeps 2-3 times, then wait until the green light is blinking and setup.