Please check which operational system is your phone using:
A) Android 9 Pie:
There is an issue with the way that this OS is using notifications, and therefore the Gogogate2 will not detect your phone. There is a new update that fixes that issue. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the App and then please connect your phone to the same network as the Gogogate2 and the message asking to update will appear.
In case of any issues with the update please visit this link.
B) Any other OS:
About notifications in Gogogate2, please check if you meet this requirements:

  • Do you have a sensor attached to your Gogogate2? Can you see the STATUS of your DOOR correctly? (Opened or closed). Only when the STATUS of the door changes, the Gogogate2 will send an alert.
  • Only admin accounts can be "added" in the ADMIN ALERTS. Are you admin? Open Gogogate 2 app -> EDIT -> INFO: Login=admin, NOT Admin.
  • The alerts are only sent if the DOOR is in GARAGE MODE. Open Gogogate 2 app -> EDIT -> COFIG DEVICE -> DOORS
  • Can you check if the Gogogate2 app can receive notifications?
    • IOS: -> iPhone settings -> Gogogate2 -> Notifications -> Allow notifications
    • Android: -> settings -> Apps or App manager -> Gogogate 2 app -> Notifications -> Allow

If you meet all of the above requirements and you still do not receive notifications, please follow the instructions below:

  • Open Gogogate 2 app -> EDIT -> CONFIG DEVICE -> ADMIN ALERTS -> Delete your phone
  • Close Gogogate 2 app. (From the background too)
  • Open Gogogate 2 app -> Stay connected to it on the main screen for at least 6 seconds.
  • Open Gogogate 2 app -> EDIT -> CONFIG DEVICE -> ADMIN ALERTS -> Enable your phone