If you want to open the door automatically whenever you get close to home please follow the instructions below:
Please note that you will need to use IFTTT, to connect your device to IFTTT follow the instructions here.

  1. Open your IFTTT App
  2. Go to Get More at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Select the option If This Then That to create a new applet.
  1. Select the option + This to select the Trigger associated with this applet.
  1. Search for the Location service.
  1. Select the option that suits your needs: Enter an area in case you want the door to open when you arrive, and leave in case you want the door to close when you leave.
  1. Select the area you want to associate..

Please note that you need to make the area big enough in the case of the entering. To make sure that the IFTTT app has time to detect your position before sending the information to the device.
In case of the closing of the door, make sure that the area is small, to prevent the door from being opened more than necessary.

  1. Select the + That option to select the action of the applet.
  1. Search for the Gogogate service.
  1. Select the option you need: to open if you enter the area, or to close if you leave the area.
  1. Select the door you want to open or close and select Continue.

Please note that if you want to open AND close, you will need to have one applet to open and one applet to close.
In case of any issues or questions please do not hesitate to contact us at support@ismartgate.com