Please follow the instructions below to connect your ismartgate device to an IFTTT account:

  1. Open your IFTTT App
  2. Go to Get More at the bottom.
  1. This is the page you will find in Get More. In case you want to add a new applet please select the option IfThisThenThat.
  1. Search for the GarageWi-Fi & Gates service and select the first applet that appears.
  1. Slide to connect your ismartgate to IFTTT.
  1. Enter the remote address, obtained from here.
  1. Now you have your ismartgate associated with your IFTTT account, in case you do not want or need this applet you can disable it now, the connection will remain.

Please note that IFTTT does NOT allow the association of more than one device to the same account. In case you have another ismartgate it would be necessary to create another IFTTT account to associate it to.