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ismartgate smart garage door openers comparison: pro, lite & mini. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTT

The smart garage door opener myQ alternative

Elevate Your Garage Automation with ismartgate

The demand for a reliable alternative for smart home integration in the garage has surged after myQ's decision to block smart home platforms and the ensuing frustration among its customer base. In response to this growing need in the market, ismartgate has emerged as a compelling solution specifically designed to fill the gap that the Chamberlain Group has recently created. As discontented myQ users and smart home installers search for alternatives, ismartgate aims to stand out by meeting stringent safety requirements and seamlessly integrating with various smart home platforms.

Compatibility and Installation Simplicity

One of the standout features of ismartgate's Smart Garage Door Opener is its compatibility with Chamberlain/LiftMaster garage door openers featuring Security+ 2.0 technology identified by the yellow learn button, including those equipped with myQ built-in. The simplicity of installation is remarkable, requiring only three wires to be connected to the existing garage opener motor unit and powers up using an included power adapter.

Garage Door Opener Models with Security 2.0 Enabled

Intelligent Operation

The ismartgate stands out from other devices with its versatile connectivity options. Depending on the model, it allows you to connect both a wired sensor directly from the unit and a wireless sensor, which eliminates the need for running cables to the door. This plug-and-play functionality enhances ease of use, offering real-time updates on door status

Advanced Features for Enhanced Security

The ismartgate system enhances security by not relying on cloud storage for data from each device. Instead, each ismartgate device operates its own server, meaning when you access your device remotely, you connect through a relay server that facilitates a direct HTTP tunnel from your phone to your device. This setup ensures that even in the absence of an internet connection at home, you can still connect directly to your device using WiFi. This decentralized approach eliminates the risks associated with a common database for all ismartgate devices, significantly improving security.

Seamless Smart Home Integration

ismartgate provides seamless integration into smart home ecosystems with compatibility with HomeKit, SmartThings, Alexa, Home Assistant, and IFTTT.

Take Back Control of Your Smart Home

In summary, ismartgate's Smart Garage Door Opener makes the game-changing ismartgate-interfacing technology accessible to consumers and installers alike. With its unparalleled compatibility, ease of installation, and advanced features, it establishes itself as the ultimate upgrade from the restrictive myQ platform, promising businesses an exceptional offering to meet the growing demands of smart home enthusiasts.

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MyQ and Security+ 2.0 are registered trademarks of the Chamberlain Group.

What can ismartgate garage door opener do?

  • Use your smartphone to remotely control your garage door or gate via Wi-Fi or over the Internet.
  • Control your garage door or gate with real time video.
  • Check if your garage door or gate is open or closed.
  • Use Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings to operate the garage door or gate.
  • Check who opened or closed the garage door or gate.
  • Use your Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts to operate the garage door or gate.
  • Manage your garage door or gate access remotely by user, time, door and also by location.
  • Open the garage door or gate automatically when you arrive to your home (geofencing).
  • Schedule when the garage door or gate should automatically open and close.

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Doors Supported113
Remote Access & Door Status Alerts
Apple HomeKit
Google Assistant
Samsung SmartThings
Amazon Alexa (USA ONLY / Rest With IFTTT)
Wireless Sensor Compatibility
Wired Sensor Compatibility
User Management*
Video Integration
Visual Acoustic Alarm
Open & Close Custom Music
*ismartgate MINI: User Management and Event notifications will be avaliable on a future update.

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