The LiftMaster 8550W uses Security+ 2.0. How to connect the ismartgate door opener?

All garage doors that use Security+ 2.0 cannot receive external open or close commands through a contact switch, which is why most smart openers are incompatible with these models.

Fortunately, ismartgate offers the Switch Adaptor as the sole solution where you can add the Switch Adapter to your wall push button and connect it to the ismartgate device to enable its use.

How to install ismartgate Switch Adaptor

Choose your Wall Push Buton type in order to see the Video instruccions:











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Doors Supported113
Remote Access & Door Status Alerts
Apple HomeKit
Google Assistant
Samsung SmartThings
Amazon Alexa*
Wireless Sensor Compatibility
Wired Sensor Compatibility
User Management
Video Integration
Visual Acoustic Alarm
Open & Close Custom Music
Wi-Fi compatibility (2.4GHz)
Ethernet Compatibility**
Web Browser Access
*ismartgate MINI: User Management and Event notifications will be avaliable on a future update.

Garage compatibility wiring instructions

Check how to install the ismartgate smart opener to your garage door opener. The ismartgate is compatible with all garage door opener brands, including the Chamberlain, Craftsman and Liftsmaster openers.

Installation for:

with a YELLOW learn button.

Check the color of the learn button on your garage opener.
If it’s YELLOW you will need the ismartgate switch adaptor (sold separatly)

The ismartgate switch adaptor needs to be connected to your WALL BUTTON directly, not to the opener.