LiftMaster 2265 Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual for LiftMaster 2265 opener

Click on the link below to download the instruction manual of LiftMaster 2265

Download LiftMaster 2265 Manual

The LiftMaster 2265 opener is compatible with the ismartgate accessory, a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device that enhances garage door and gate operations.

ismartgate smart garage door openers comparison: pro, lite & mini. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTT

What can ismartgate garage door opener do?

  • Use your smartphone to remotely control your garage door or gate via Wi-Fi or over the Internet.
  • Control your garage door or gate with real time video.
  • Check if your garage door or gate is open or closed.
  • Use Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings to operate the garage door or gate.
  • Check who opened or closed the garage door or gate.
  • Use your Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts to operate the garage door or gate.
  • Manage your garage door or gate access remotely by user, time, door and also by location.
  • Open the garage door or gate automatically when you arrive to your home (geofencing).
  • Schedule when the garage door or gate should automatically open and close.

Compare ismartgate openers

Doors Supported113
Remote Access & Door Status Alerts
Apple HomeKit
Google Assistant
Samsung SmartThings
Amazon Alexa*
Wireless Sensor Compatibility
Wired Sensor Compatibility
User Management
Video Integration
Visual Acoustic Alarm
Open & Close Custom Music
Wi-Fi compatibility (2.4GHz)
Ethernet Compatibility**
Web Browser Access
*ismartgate MINI: User Management and Event notifications will be avaliable on a future update.

Wiring diagrams for connecting the ismartgate to your garage or gate opener.

Check the wiring instructions for the installation of the ismartgate smart opener to your garage door opener. The ismartgate is compatible with all garage door opener brands, including the Chamberlain, Craftsman and Liftsmaster openers.

If your garage door opener is not on the list just send us an e-mail at indicating your operator’s brand and model.

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