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How to install Chamberlain smart garage door opener

Check how to install the ismartgate smart opener to your garage door opener. The ismartgate is compatible with all garage door opener brands, including the Chamberlain, Craftsman and Liftsmaster openers.

Installation for:

with a YELLOW learn button.

Check the color of the learn button on your garage opener.
If it's YELLOW you will need the ismartgate switch adaptor (sold separatly)

The ismartgate switch adaptor needs to be connected to your WALL BUTTON directly, not to the opener.

How to install

Installation for:

without a YELLOW learn button.

Install directly to the garage door opener

We recommend wiring the ismartgate directly to your Garage Door Opener if you don't have any power outlets near the push buttons.

Wiring instructions

If your garage door opener is not on the list just send us an e-mail at support@ismartgate.com indicating your operator’s brand and model.

1. Select Manufacturer:

2. Select Model:

Wall Push Button

We recommend wiring the ismartgateto your wall mounted push button if you have power outlets nearby (less than 30 inches / 1 meter).

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