In case you are planing to place the Gogogate2 outside to control a Gate, there are a few things to keep in mind:
First of all, the Gogogate2 is not waterproof, it can be placed inside a gate’s control box or inside a waterproof box like this one.
In case the WiFi signal in the gate box is not strong enough, there are a few options:

Solution 1:

You can replace the default USB WiFi adapter for this one.
And if this is not enough, you can try to replace the antenna (not the USB adapter only the antenna), for this one.
(Or for any USB Wi-Fi you want that has the Chipset RT5370)

Solution 2:

You could try to use a power line adapter (Ethernet via power line) and create an access point inside/close to your Gogogate2. For example, this one.

Solution 3:

You could place a 4G Router near the Gogogate2 to give it access to the internet. For example, this one.
Please find below a schematic of how the 4G Router would provide internet to the Gogogate2: