In case your green STATUS light does not blink any more after some time using Gogogate2, means your SD card got corrupted.

  • Unplug the power cable
  • Eject the SD card (push to release)
  • Plug the SD card again (push to lock)
  • Plug the power cable
  • Wait 2 min

If this did not solve the problem, then
Try to reprogram the SD card using the below guide:

You will need to set up again your Gogogate2. Setup Instructions.

  • If you were unable to reporgram the SD card, please send an email to with your Order ID and/or purchase date.
  • Our team will send you a replacement SD card if your device is STILL UNDER WARRANTY.
  • In case the RED light is NOT STEADY, please note it is a power issue, please check the power supply is providing enough power to the device.