If you are setting up your Gogogate2 for the first time:

  • Please be aware that the mobile data should be disabled to be able to connect to the Gogogate2 Wi-Fi.
  • Sometimes this gets solved by turning off and turning on again your mobile phone.
  • Please go to your phone's Wi-Fi settings and select forget the Gogogate2 Wi-Fi. Then try to reconnect.

If your Gogogate2 has been working until now, after resetting your phone does not connect to the Gogogate2 Wi-Fi, and the USB Wi-Fi adapter is not blinking:

  • Please make sure that your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough, the instructions can be found here.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi selected is the correct.
  • If all the previous suggestions did not work please contact us at support@gogogate.com and we will do our best to solve this issue.