How do I configure the iSmartGate camera?

To connect the iSmartGate Cam to the ismartgate you need the camera's IP. There are two options to know the IP of your camera:

  1. Access the IP of your camera through the iSmartGate cam App:
Please note that you need to have the video plugin activated to be able to add a camera, the instructions here.
  1. You can connect to the Camera with your computer by executing the Search Tools software provided in the CD that comes with the camera, or from here:
Download ip camera tool for Windows
Download ip camera tool for MAC

Once you have the IP of your camera, then you need to introduce it in the video configuration on your ismartgate App:

  1. Open your ismartgate App
  1. Go to the configuration of the device
  1. Select the option Video
  1. Select the dropdown menu to select the correct camera
  1. Select iSmartGate Cam in the dropdown menu for the cameras
  1. Choose your model, this option for the Indoor camera.
  1. This case for the Outdoor camera.
  1. Enter the IP from the instructions above and the login and password used to configure the iSmartGate Cam (NOT the ismartgate device)